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corsair obsidian 500d rgb se & h115i rgb platinum problems


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So, ive been for over a fortnight now, trying to transplant a 2017 build into the said case. Currently, i am met with my uefi bios screen on power on. This is resolved after repeated shut downs and turn back on via the case power switch. But this is just the start of my problems. my h115i works (recognised in icue and the fans spin) However, they supplied (ML?) fans are not lighting up and the front three case fans are behaving erraticaly colourwise. One them behaves as software defined, the other does a permanent rainbow effect, and the other one sort of flashes a glimpse of colour every few seconds. I think my problems came about because i had to remove the stupidly adhesive attached commander pro to make way for a third 2.52 ssd. Can anyone please help?

I dont know how to upload photos to image sharing sites for forums but please search for me and the video i made regarding the problem on youtube. My user name on that is hsk3000. thanks

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