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Brand new keyboard with loosen keycaps


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Hello everybody,


I just bought my keyboard (K70 LUX RGB) from amazon and when it arrived today some keycaps were out. I put them all in the right place but apparently there are a few (the arrows and the dot) that when I use them it gets almost inmediately out again (not even pressing hard or anything)


I've tried pressing them a bit to see if it would hold into the keyboard but nothing. I assume this is not how it should work or is there anything I can do to tight them and make them hold into the keboard while using normally?


If this is somehow an unexpected behaviour, please let me know so I can return the keyboard and ask for a replacement.


Another thing, how can I make my keboard have different colors? Do I need to download a program? Because so far it only gets RED and withing the "light" buttom, it gets only darker or lighter but doesn't change to any color.


Thanks in advance.

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