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Fan flickering and iCue problems


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Hi everyone,


I have 6 fans in my case:


4 x LL 120

2 x ML 120


I have all 6 RGB headers connected to the lighting node and connected the fans as following:


2 LL fans are connected to my H100 and the other 4 fans (2 x LL and 2 x ML) are connected to a Thermaltake Commander FP.


Now the problem is that random individual LED's flicker on and off at random times. First I thought it was a faulty fan but since it happens to 3 fans (only the LL ones) I doubt they are all faulty since.


Also, iCue doesn't seem to be able to properly drive or connect the rgb lighting of the fans. For instance, when I want to edit the fan colours, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If I want to disable all fan rgb lights it still keeps 1 or 2 led's burning. So I basicly have no real controle over the lighting.


I've tried installing the older iCue software but that didn't help.


Anyone have an idea of what I could do to solve this problem?



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It could still be a faulty fan. The fans operate in series - 1 fan passes data to the next fan and so on. So one bad fan can impact the entire chain, especially if it's in port #1. Rearrange the fans on the hub and see if the issue persists.
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I have not updated the icue software or messed with my wires recently and just today 1 of my leds is flickering red and blue. it only happens with lighting effects that change if it's a static color it seems to be ok.




Hi Hotsquidward,


This is quite an old thread - for a better chance of replying please make a new thread in the future. It does seem like you have a faulty fan, so please try and contact our support team: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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