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HS70 Wireless Headset Turning On/Off By Itself

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Hey guys,


I'm currently experiencing an issue with my HS70 SE wireless Corsair headset which started today.


Specifically the issue is that my wireless headset is turning itself on and off repeatedly without stopping which I'm not sure why is happening. The headset has not been damaged and its firmware and settings are up to date.


If anyone has any suggestions or knows more or less what the issue could be, please do tell!



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I just bought my HS70 a week ago, had no problems to begin with, but now I have the exact same problem as OP.


The headset keeps turning on and off every other second, even without the USB dongle connected to my pc the headphones just keeps rebooting itself.

Holding the power button down in hopes of a reset does nothing.

After a while it will stop making on/off noises, but instead the light will cycle between green and orange flashing - a couple of minutes later it starts rebooting again.


I've tried nearly everything I can think of;

Rebooted pc, tested on another pc AND laptop (same issues), reinstalled iCUE (tried both newest update and older ones), updated headphone firmware though iCUE (even forced update), uninstalled drivers through device manager and started all over. Nothing seems to work.



Another issue I have, and I have no idea if that is connected to the rebooting issue or not, but the 12 meter wireless range as advertised is no where near what I can get, mine starts getting static noise after 3-4 meters, no walls between. I've tried both USB 2.0 and 3.0 since I read something about the 2.4Ghz connection not working well with USB 3.0 - might be a complete separate problem though?!



Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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There is a lovely auto shutdown 'feature' under settings in the iCue app. This 'feature' will automatically set itself to turn off after just 5 mins. I have found if you untick this feature it comes back every time you reboot - so maybe just change it to 60mins? Either way this resolves the issue.
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  • Corsair Employees

Do you have multiple profiles within iCUE?

Typically this would only happen if you create an additional profile - and then iCUE will default to the top profile when it starts again post-reboot (ignoring the inactive secondary profile)

Make sure that the box is unticked whilst you have the topmost profile selected and it should stick after boot.

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