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PSU VS UPS overout


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Today i am Facing very interesting issue. I m using Antec 650w neo classic modular psu.


And i have backup ups cyberpower BU1000e which is 600w ups.


When i m using my computer normal for everyday task. And suddenly electricity cut happened. My pc won't get shutdown immediately.


And today when i was using furmark benchmark test to test my OVERCLOCK gpu and electricity cut happened.


My pc didn't survive by UPS. It got shutdown/closed as soon as electricity gone.


My 600w ups didn't worked in this situation


Does anyone have idea why my ups didn't give power during running of furmark benchmark test.


It's weird


What i m suspecting that psu was drawing more than 600w during the benchmark test and my ups had limitation of 600w and it didn't survived.



My specs are

I5 8600k

Z390 a pro mobo

Msi rtx 2080 Gaming trio

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Weak battery in the UPS?


I have a 1500W UPS in my electronics closet. The laser printer is in there and it draws close to 2000W peak when printing. The UPS supplies it (though it beeps).

Typically, when a UPS fails to supply a load, it is because the batteries are failing.


Have you load tested the UPS for output and project 'on battery' runtime?

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