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Rm850x broken 24-pin cable wire


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Hey everyone!


So, here is the long story short: bought a new and fresh RM 850x, during installation i notice one of the wires from the 24 pin cable is loose (PSU side, pin no. 9 to be exact), now, I'm not sure if that how it came, or if I messed something up (i was testing the mobo/cpu outside the case earlier)

Anyway, the question is:


Can i Get a replacement 24 pin cable for the PSU, without getting the whole spare kit or one of the premium sleeved cables


Is there anything I can do to fix it and get the pc running? like try and get a new pin on the wire (I don't have fresh pins, can i salvage one from a different PSU?) Or should I just leave it alone alone and RMA the damn thing?


here's what it looks like


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