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Lighting Out of Sync?


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So I recently started tinkering with the ICue software since I purchased my k95 Plat and have come across the following:


When setting timings of effects, I set the total time of each to 14 seconds. From 0-5 I have an animation going that seems to be working fine. After that 5th second however, my effects get jumbled up. Let me explain:


I have a wave that starts at 5 seconds and goes to 8. A ripple that is supposed to start at 5 and race that wave essentially. I then have a gradient that starts at about 8-14 seconds and is supposed to be lightly blinking.


However, in practice, the lighting effects don't go off at the timing specified in the little timing chart.


I have triple checked all timings, and everything is how it should be. I noticed however, that the effect timings seem to be restarting at 0 regardless of what phase the rest of the effects are currently at. Example: if I mess with my wave that is 3 seconds long, and the last thing I touch is at 9 seconds, then this wave now tries to start at 9+5 seconds (supposed to start at 5th second), so it now waves at the 0th second (right when the loop restarts).


My question is... Is there a "sync" button or something that I'm missing here? I've tried closing the application and reopening. I've tried switching between effects to get it to restart at 0, I've tried meticulously timing my edits to make it line up perfectly. All to no avail...




Anyone help please?:)

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