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Keyboard lagging in specific games

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So I contacted customer support and it didn't really help as the response time is abysmal and the suggestion didn't help either. This issue is only really prominent in 2 games, Rainbow Six Siege and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. My FPS for both of those games is almost always at 144 with no issues. The problem that occurs is "Keyboard" lag.

Randomly, the RGB on my keyboard will stutter and my keystrokes will register insanely late. I have A LOT of things to fix this but I am not sure what is causing this. It just seems so weird that it only happens in these 2 games. I have tried:


- DISM.exe

- Fully re-installing both games

- Updating Java (I was reaching at this point as I had no idea what else could be causing it)

- Making sure I have the latest drivers AND windows update

- Making sure my power settings are correct

- Making sure that the firmware and iCUE software is up-to-date

- Trying to play games with iCUE in system tray, trying with it open on my second monitor, trying with iCUE fully disabled as well but nothing.


The funny thing is, when I use the compatibility settings for "Wolfenstein:Youngblood" and set it to Windows Service Pack 2, I get 0 keyboard input lag but the RGB still stutters. What the hell is wrong with this software? I'm yet to find a fix for Rainbow Six Siege, but the fact that this keyboard is quite expensive yet it literally "lags" in video games is a joke. I mean for god sake my £30 keyboard didn't have issues like this. I upgraded specifically for the fact that the keyboard has iCUE software and that it is "reliable" according to reviews. I don't think I can even return it because the issue clearly is caused by iCUE software.

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