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Three M65 Mice w/ Button Problems


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I'm currently using an M65 Elite RGB mouse bought about 4 months ago (16 April 2019). It's now started not seeing primary (left) mouse clicks. This mouse replaced a 5 month old M65 Pro RGB (bought 12 November 2018) which developed scroll wheel problems (scrolled randomly backwards and forwards). And that mouse replaced a 2 year old M65 Pro RGB (bought 06 December 2016) that started double-clicking instead of single-clicking. All of these problems are well documented by a myriad of users all over the web (as well as in this forum).


For the current M65 Elite, I've done a soft reset (unplug the mouse, hold left and right mouse buttons while plugging the mouse back in, and holding that for about 5 seconds). I've also done a clean install of the latest iCUE software (uninstall iCUE, in REGEDIT delete both the HKCU and HKLM \Software\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine folders, and install new iCUE). In addition I've run the Windows 10 sfc /scannow and dism stuff until they ran clean. No change: the mouse keeps missing left mouse button clicks. So, once again, another Corsair mouse has bitten the dust. There's no doubt about it. I don't know why companies insist on using cheap, garbage hardware in their products. Especially parts of those products which are pressed repeatedly.

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