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Bad TwinX DDR400LL


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I ordered a 1GB pair of TwinX DDR400 low-latency modules close to when they were first made available. One is loaned to a friend which has been exceedingly difficult to contact, so I need to RMA only one module.


The RAM does not run at DDR400, tested on two motherboards (An Asus A7N8X-DLX/nForce2 and an MSI Neo2 Platinum FSR/Nforce3). It runs at about 185MHz just fine, and 187MHz with intermittent crashes. Timings seem to have no effect, e.g. it won't run at 200 at 3-3-3 or at SPD timings (2-2-2). Memtest reboots at 200.

The MSI board works fine since a dirt-cheap Patriot DDR400 module works at DDR400 without problems (but with awful timings). I haven't tested the A7N8x with other modules, but I don't see that it matters.

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