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Haunted HS70?


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Picked up a 'renewed' HS70 from Amazon for use primarily with my PS4.


Been a headache since day 2.


Charged overnight; plugged in dongle while controller charging from the second port, and the headphones disconnect and reconnect every 10-30 seconds, at random. Pressing or not pressing the power button does not affect this.


I disconnected the controller and am now getting disconnected for a few times in a row about once every hour. No ideas. I guess it's usable.


Left the adapter in while in "rest mode" and the headphones just go on and off, which should not be a normal behavior.


Unplugged the adapter, and the headphones are now randomly turning on. PS4 is off and they're just sitting on shelf and are now on for some reason, flashing green. This has happened a few times. Sometimes they flash green, sometimes orange.


I have absolutely no idea. Hallllp pls.


Have already connected to PC and force updated to 0.64.



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