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Parity Error on Boot

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I have 2 Value Select 512 PC3200 C3 modules (which were bough as a pair)... they have worked beautifully in my machine for about 5-6 months... but all of a sudden (without any other component changes in the machine) they have started to display a "RAM PARITY ERROR" with the offending sector being described as "8000". This occurs before the system boots, but after POST.


I have an Abit AV8, motherboard, and read other posts on this forum which suggested trying the chips in different slots so i tried each chip in every slot then both in various combinations with no luck.


I went out and bought some cheap 256 PC3200 and the machine boots perfectly and has been running now without error for 24 hours.


I searched the BIOS, it's manual, and Abit's website for any parity or ecc options but there are none.


Given what feels like a random failure I feel it important to share how I use the machine. It is set up as media center which plays movies and music only and have never attempted to overclock the processor or ram, above the normal Abit EQ settings for "Quiet" (which i think is fan speed only).


Any help would be greatly apreciated.



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This part is Non ECC un-buffered memory, and you should not be getting this type of error. Do you have master ECC enabled in the bios? If so please disable it and I would test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org. If you continue to have problems, I would suggest replacing the CPU to start with as long all of your bios settings are set properly.

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Unfortunately the system will not boot with any combination of the ram in any slot with any operating system on any drive. I tried all I could think of before biting the bullet and buying that cheap RAM to test with (truth be known I couldn't live without my media center).


I understand your comment about these being non-ecc chips, but the board (Abit AV8) has no documented or visible BIOS settings for ECC one way or the other. It also "requires" non-ECC ram on its specification. And the fact both chips worked before then just stopped working, and now a brand new chip works leads me to think they died. Especially as they BOTH seperately produce the RAM PARITY ERROR at 8000, what ever that means.....

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