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void pro gaming headset and dongle is't working


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Hi guys

I have the void pro gaming headset (wire) as you may know it comes with a USB dongle.

My PC (Running Windows 10 ) can't find the headset when I connect the USB dongle. even the small light on the dongle is not working when I connect it to the USB.

If I will connect the headset using the normal Jack I will be able to hear the sounds but I can't use the Mic.

I tried the following things:

1- Disconnected it and Reconnected it again

2- Shut down the PC and remove it from the electricity and reconnect it again

3- Reinstall the iCue software (It can't find the headset also)

4-Run Windows update

5-Remove all the driver fro the USB ports and devices and reinstall them from the devices manager

6-Update the Realtek software

7-Use a 3rd party dongle

8-Try to add a new device from the device manager but it couldn't find it

9-Checked the privacy setting for the mic

10-Connect the headset to my Corsair keyboard USB port directly

11- Checked the windows service for the USB ports and made sure that they are all set as (Running)

12- Update the motherboard firmware

Now I don't know what else I can do to solve this issue :mad::[pouts:V

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