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Left-CTRL doesn't work for few minutes after starting my PC every morning


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I have a strange problem .... I got this K95 RGB Platinum keyboard (Cherry MX Speed) just 3 months back

My Left-CTRL doesn't work for few minutes after I start my PC every morning .....

I have to press it several times rapidly and then it starts responding and after that it start working flawlessly for for whole days and then i shut down my pc

at night for almost 7-8 hours and the next morning the same story.....


Can it be the particular key problem (if it is, then why does it start working just fine after many keystrokes and then whole day it doesnt miss or skip any stroke ) ... or it may be software problem...


I am trying to avoid its RMA .... bec its very difficult for me to RMA this keyboard as its very heavy to transport and it is the only keyboard i have...

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