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[Sort of Long] My Keyboards always end up double typing


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Yes, the nightmare people hate when it comes to keyboards, You'll start typing and your keys go ddddd ssss gggg dd cc aa, Obviously incredibly frustrating, I've had my EXTREME fair share when it comes to keyboards double typing, although it's either I'm extremely unlucky when it comes to mechanical keyboards, Or It's just quality control.


So it started out when I first got my K65 Rapidfire RGB, I plugged it in, and it worked, The first week I started noticing issues with the switches, They would do what I referenced up there ^ [it would go dddddd ss gg cc aa] and I was extremely frustrated I spend this amount of money, and it started typing weird, but I figured "oh well, it's just one key" then it got worse, and worse.. and then the entire keyboard was double typing, by this time, I waited until it got worse, and I didnt have warranty anymore, so I decided to buy another keyboard, This time just a K65 RGB. Unboxed it, and set it up, first thing I notice, W I and X started double typing immediately, I cursed under my breath and contacted Corsair, got another keyboard sent out to me, and tried it again, I unbox it again, set it up and no double typing, I was happy, I made sure this keyboard wasn't getting dirty, and nothing was stopping the switches from acting odd due to dirt build up, or things getting into the keyboard. AND ONCE AGAIN, Commas, numbers and all of my WASD and 6 other letters start double typing over time, [Again, warranty ran out] I cursed myself and claimed to never buy Corsair again, I bought a Logitech, and it started fantastic, and did the same with the last keyboard, made sure I was being a clean freak and cleaned it a lot to make sure it didn't double type, and it DID It again! this time worse, so I put my keyboard in the stack i've already had, my dad, who also had taken my recommendation due to me being a Corsair fanatic at the time, has gone through more keyboards than me due to double typing.


So what does that leave me to you ask?? well im sitting here, typing this out and backspacing all of the double typing from a Corsair K65, after my Logitech finally became unusable in my eyes due to double typing, I bought another K65 hoping for the best, and it's now not that bad, but it still double types a lot, and keeps me frustrated on the daily, HOW the hell can I fix this, and go about doing things the right way, so I dont have to keep throwing my money at Corsair like a guy in the strip club looking at the best dancer. Is quality control? Or just bad luck, If you reply, thanks I really appreciate it!



Sincerely, Donny, AKA Zevestrey

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