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Looking for new keyboard - Questions


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I'm looking for a new keyboard to replace my ageing Logitech G15 keyboard.


I have two questions


Question 1 - Keyboard Recommendation


In particular I'm wanting:


- Dedicated Macro Keys

- Detachable USB Cable.

- Instant Record and Playback Macro


I came across the Corsair K95 RGB Vengeance whilst searching which appeared to be exactly what I'm looking for... but from what I can tell this is no longer available and has been superseded by the K95 Platinum which doesn't appear to have a detachable cable?


Can someone please confirm if this is correct, or if the new K95 Platinum's cable is detachable?


If not - can someone recommend a keyboard for me that fits my requirements?



Question 2 - Macro Question


Is it possible to set a default delay on the macro's, so when I do a macro record on the fly and then play it back, it will execute with a default delay between keys (say 5ms)? Or do I need to manually go back and set this after doing the record.


(In my situation macro's are often recorded on the fly and wanted very shortly afterwards for instant playback without the need to go into software and change them).



Also - in regards to macro's. I see that the newer keyboards have less keys (9 compared to 18). Are there banks that allow these 6 keys to have more than 1 macro against them that is easily switched between? (On my old G15 we had 3 banks which gave me effectively 54 instant record keys).





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