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XG7 water block RGB lighting custom


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Good evening everyone,


I just built my first gaming computer and having some difficulty hooking the the RGB side of things up.


First I have the lighting node with 4 strips on LED’s, a Corsair 570x case that came stock with the fans up front RGB, and then I have my Corsair XG7 water block for my graphics card (2080 GeForce rx).



First I grabbed 6kkIuMKl.png from the gpu and plugged it into the lighting node; with the node hop led up by the usb yo motherboard and SATA cable up. Turned computer on, went to the icue software and under the install settings of the node put that the first slot in the node was a gpu water cooler.


The problem is that the RGB are not lighting up. When done so.





Second method was I wanted to daisy chain it off the LED strip so I hooked all 4 leds to the node by daisy chain them off each other in a straight line and hooked the gpu up at the end of the strip of the leds, some of the leds strips worked and some didn’t along with again the RGB in the gpu not working.


Like so DMTtui6h.png




Also I wanted to control the stock fans since now I have the node and ran the set up this way, with the stock 3 fans to allow myself to use the icue for the stock fans that came with the case but nothing happened and icue did not see the fans nor the RGB worked. bKWClsZh.png






So right now if it’s possible ideally I want to have all 4 leds strips, my gpu RGB, and the stock 3 fans all able to use icue. But I’m having trouble figuring how to wire it with the node and it seems as if I do the simple way (ex: gpu to node) it does nothing.



If it helps i can put up a video on how it’s ran currently.



Thank you for the help, I’d love to get over this hill since I’m almost done with my first build. Thank you again!

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I attempted to just connect each , one at a time, light strips to slot 1 in the node, 3/4 work and light up after doing them one by one.


So I’m not sure if the one led strip is bad, let alone I also did this with the XG7 GPU water cooler RGB and again nothing happened after plugging it straight into the node. And tried to daisy chain it off a led strip and nothing happened besides the single strip lighting up.

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