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Issue with XSPC ECX clear coolant


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Hi all,


I have a strange issue with XSPC ECX clear coolant.

Before using the coolant I checked the system for leaks with distilled water.

The loop looked nice and clear.

After that I filled the system again with XSPC ECX coolant (clear) that is compatible with corsair according to specification.

The water immediately turned to be opaque and not clear.

What should I do and what is the reason?





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ugh.. Drain it as fast as you can. Buy about 5 gallons of distilled water. You are going to be filling and flushing a lot.


Unfortunately I went through the same thing when I put this Hydro X system together. Crystal clear when I had the test distilled water in there. As soon as I added EK Cryofuel clear it turned into the same thing you see within 30 seconds. All you can do fill it with distilled. Run it for a day or two. Drain it again. Fill with distilled again. Few days later drain again. Repeat. Repeat. In the beginning, you will want to fill and drain as often as you can stand. You can then relax the frequency after several drain. I am now 30+ days since and while the distilled water comes out crystal clear, the opaque residue still remains on the reservoir sides and GPU window.


The alternative is to use one of the chemical "cleaners" sold by various brands. However, you need to be extremely careful with this. Even a trace left behind that then comes in contact with more coolant with its own chemical balance and you get to do the whole thing over again. If you decide to go the chemical route, I would still use distilled water only for a good month after with frequent flushes to make sure it is all gone.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

I started to drain and wash it with distilled water. I already used about 1 gallon of distilled water. It is much cleaner now but as you said it requires more drain and washing loops.

I wrote to XSPC technical support and sent them some photos. Waiting for their response.

I though to order EK cryofuel instead of XSPC one but you wrote you had the same issue and it is worries me...

Maybe you know what causes it?

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I don’t know why it changed. The most likely answer is chemical reaction. This can happen if there are traces of other branded coolants with a different chemical profile or certainly any of those “system prep” rinses that fall into the same category as the chemical cleaners. Every component in my loop was new except the GPU and there certainly wasn’t coolant left over in there. In combination with the hard white line forming in by brand new glass fill beaker before my eyes, I attributed my experience to a bad chemical mix — too much anti-corrosive elements/salts.


Obviously I am biased by my experience, but Googling around brought up more pictures like ours and some suggestion the EK clear is a bit on the milky side anyway. The Corsair coolant can be hard to come by right now, but perhaps Mayhems is a good alternative with a pretty low rate of interaction issues. You have also reminded me I either need to accept my current state and put coolant back in or bite the bullet and use the chemical cleaner to try and get the residue off the reservoir. Unfortunately, I don’t think the top comes off or that would be an easier maneuver.

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I didn't use any other coolant before and all my components are new.

CPU block, GPU block , Pump/Reservoir, radiators are from Corsair.

Fittings and acrylic tubing - from Bitspower


Corsair support person told me that there are shouldn't be any issues with XL5 coolant.

I ordered one immediately.


From yesterday I flushed the system many times with distilled water and it looks clear again.

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having same issue with some Thermaltake clear fluid as well- good job I've a shed load of dionised water to flush with


Edit: is there a compatibilty list of fluids for info?


Yup, in the compatability tab for most Hydro X series products...


CORSAIR Hydro X Series products are compatible with the following coolants:


No code has to be inserted here.

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Yesterday I found that inside my gpu block there are some residue. It was looking as stucked on the inner side of PMMA cover.

Although I flushed the system many times with distilled water it didn't wash it out.

This is how it looked:



I decided to disassemble gpu block and clean it.

When i disassembled it, I found some residue inside it both on pmma cover and nickeled plate.




I managed to clean it and after assembly and filling with Corsair XL5 it looks clear again



Guys, don't use XSPC compatible coolant.

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Thank you for follow up!


Can you please PM me additional information about the previously used XSPC ECX clear coolant, batch #, lot code, any identifier found on the bottle.


Hi Greg,

Unfortunately I threw the bottle yesterday.

I bought it from Amazon, Titan Rig and now don't have any details except order details from Amazon.

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