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Possible Faulty Commander Pro?


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Hey guys, I figured I'd ask here and see what everyone thinks first. I'm not sure if I have faulty Commander Pro, or what the deal might be. I have a mixture of LL Series and ML Series fans running off a Commander Pro. I have 2 ML120's plugged into the #4 fan slot that spin very, very slow, and read incorrectly in the iQue software. They'll show an RPM of 5000+ when they're actually barely moving.


All my other fans in the system can be controlled and work perfectly and every fan in the system worked fine for a few months when I originally installed it. It's just these two fans in the #4 slot that cannot be controlled at all and "flicker" slightly. I'm attaching a picture/gif to hopefully show what they're doing. What you guys think? RMA?


Thanks for any help...





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