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Can Corsair Implement this new features into iCUE


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We all know iCUE. But there are not enough many interesting functions in my opinion.

I recently bought a Farbwerk Nano device from a small German company, Aqua Computer. Not an advertisement. Of course, their software has fewer functions than iCUE, but there are a number of interesting ones.

1. Their adapter, the easiest for rgb tape, can control 90 diodes. Less than node ligthning pro. But they have a farbwerk 360 version that supports 360 diodes, which is many times more than any corsair system, although a commander about a maximum of 120 diodes can be.

2. The program part is, in a sense, paid. When you purchase, you get free software updates for six months. Then your program simply stops receiving updates, but continues to work. A one year license renewal costs 10 euros.

3. Although not such a diverse system of editing effects. But there are those that I would like to see in iCUE. For example 4 types of sound analyzer. You can choose yourself what frequencies the spectrum analyzer will show which is very convenient.

And also edit the frequencies you need to display yourself. Plus you can choose from which source to take the sound.

4. Ambient backlight as in NZXT ambient. (I also have it, but it’s a little difficult to configure there, and sometimes it’s buggy). You choose which section to capture its width and so on. How many diodes it will be used.

As a result, for 30 euros you get a Farbwerk Nano with an addressable LED strip of 15 diodes. You can choose with external or internal connection, on this adapter there is a button for switching modes or off and a light sensor.

But there is a nuance, not many profiles can be made and it is not completely possible to edit or create effects as in iCUE. They also have an expander as Splitty4, to which you can connect a Corsair cooler and manage them.

Is it possible to have such functionality in iCUE?


Music Visualisator options.



Audio Filters



Audio and Video settings



Edit audio Filters



Ambientpx = Ambient lightning.







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