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Open specific webiste with iCUE?


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Hi, I do not see an option in iCUE software which would allow me to open a specific website and bind it to a key. I can easily do that on my HyperX keyboard with their nGenuity software.


Is there a way to open a specific website through iCUE software?

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Okay, I'd never done this before and was curious... You can open a web page (e.g. Corsair's home page) using your default browser from the command-line using the following command:


start www.corsair.com

but I was unable to do this directly from ICUE's "Launch Application" which should work with the following syntax:


cmd /c start www.corsair.com

I was, however able to get it to work if I created a .BAT file with the first code piece and then bound it to a key via to the "Action::Launch Application".



  • Firstly, create a batch file (XXX.BAT) with the single line for the web page you want to open (hint: Use my first code snippet as a guide) somewhere locatable to ICUE.
  • Open ICUE.
  • Under Devices (your keyboard), select "Actions".
  • Change the drop-down from "Macro" to "Launch Application".
  • Ensure the ""Run the following program" radio button is selected and press the ellipse button ("...") to locate the batch file you created.
  • Finally; on the keyboard layout, select the key you wish to bind this action using the left mouse button (I used the G1 key on my K95 RGB Platinum).
  • (Optional but useful) - rename the Action to something meaningful.

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Thank you very much for the answer, BlaiseP!


No problems. I was toying with an idea yesterday afternoon using a batch file that accepted command-line arguments but I couldn't get a consistent result. If the revised batch file had worked, it would have meant that potentially you could have one batch file and multiple bound launch keys loading different web pages from ICUE.


If you're interested, I'll have a look again using a simple executable program (probably in Delphi X10.3) where I have much greater control.

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