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cant get my headset to work


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I use a void wireless headset. The headset at first worked until i temporarily changed the audio output to my monitor, but when changing this back to my headset there was no longer any output coming from my headset, yet the microphone still works on discord, so only the audio output is affected. This has happened before and i fixed this by opening device manager, and uninstalling the device, and plugging the little dongle thing back in where the device was reinstalled (the windows box popped up in the bottom right telling me my device would be ready soon). However now when i come to do this, i uninstall devices and plug it back in to no avail, and no windows box pops up telling me my device will be ready and the same occurs; no audio output but the mic still works, can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Forgot to mention in Device manager I have four different devices for the headset, 'headphones st100 headset output' 'earphone wireless dongle' 'microphone wireless dongle' 'microphone st100 headset output'

And when troubleshooting the headset i get 'audio services not responding'

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Forgot to mention
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