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LL120 fans Not lighting back up after shut down


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Hi guys,


Bit of an odd one, that i really hope someone here can help me solve as its been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks.


Basically, i have 4 LL120 fans connected to my lightening node pro. Initially, when i first built my PC i had no problems with the RGB aspect of these fans working or changing the RGB in ICUE.


However, for the couple of weeks the RGB on the fans has gone really weird. When i shut down my PC and turn it back on again (within a half hour window) the RGB on the fans do not work (except 1) despite originally working on the first start up!?


I have also noticed that for some reason when i try to adjust the fan colour on ICUE, the changes do not take effect right away. I will have to shut down the PC, wait longer than 30 mins and start it back up again for the changes to take effect.


I will attach my a few images of my ICUE set up and the fans in my case.


Really hoping that someone might have a resolution to this as its getting really frustrating.


Many thanks in advance.




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