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ICue not detecting Commander pro and H115i platinum


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First time here hoping someone can help me with my problems.


I recently made a new build with a number of parts from Corsair.


My build is:

Corsair Obisidian 500d RGB SE case

AMD Ryzen 3700X

Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master

Corsair H115i Platinum.

Corsair RM750x


The problems I have are with the Commander pro that came with the case and the H115i.

These two are connected to the USB 2.0 ports on my MB but I cannot find them both in Device Manager or in iCue software. i have tried different setups both separately in a usb2.0 port. Also tried with the H115i in the commander pro and the Pro on the 1 of the 2.0 ports tried without success.


All fans are connected to the commander pro excluding the fans of the H115i which I connected directly to the pump itself. All fans are running and so is the AIO. The RGB lighting also works on the standard rotation. I just can't find them in ICue, so I can't change them either


I did read that there were problems with the USB 2.0. in combination with AMD and Corsair is this still playing is there any other way to get this working?

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