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Hydro X + 9 ML120 Fans W/ CoPro help


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I've been working on trying the new Hydro X series Pump/res and GPU block. I have 9 ML120 Fans with the Pump/res and GPU block, attempting to use 1 CoPro + 2 LED fan hubs. I hadn't planned on using the Hydro X water cooling stuff until afterwards which has lead me to this, haha. I'm looking for help on how I can configure this, as I don't believe I can daisy chain the pump/res into the GPU and then into an RGB Hub and since they're not using 4-pins like the fans I can't plug them into the RGB hubs directly either.


I have access to the following:

  • CoPro
  • RGB hub x 3
  • NoPro x 3


I am currently using 3 PWM Y splitters for the fans on the CoPro, realizing I may actually need a 4th due to the Pump/res connecting to the #6 on the Copro. I haven't looked into the whether CoPro can handle that many connections yet either. Do I need a second CoPro? can I somehow run the Pump/res and GPU Daisy off of a NoPro through the CoPro USB header?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


I've looked at all of Zotty's content in this post,



I've been referencing this diagram the most due to the 9 fan layout.




Thanks in advance for any and all assistance,


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Hi bud... beware,, i wouldnt go over 9 fans in total on the copro and never more than 2 on a header.. i personally wont go over 8


You could use a PWM Repeater hub? such as the one from the Corsair 678c




you could also use Pirate Dog Techs RGB hub splitters so you could run 2 hubs off of one channel.


as seen used in this Diagram




that would open up another channel on your commander pro for the Hydro X RGB

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Hello Zotty,


Thanks for the swift reply, sorry for my slow response, sadly today is a work day.


The PWM repeater looks like an amazing idea that I'm sad I didn't even think of, haha.


Regarding the RGB Splitter though, would it work/be better just to wire up a NoPro I have on hand through the CoPro? The RGB splitter cable is $20 (after shipping w/o tax) through Pirate Dogs store, which unfortunately doesn't seem quite like a purchase I can justify in this instance for a single RGB splitter cable if I have something on hand that can resolve it.




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