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VOID PRO RGB Multiple issues

San Ganchaoo

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Hi Guys, as the title says, I have some issues with this headset.


1 - Ive been with this headphones for like 2 years now, and well, Ive never been able to update firmware. It always stays in connect the headset to the cable but never pass from 0%. Im using the last version, but I tried multiple times in the past with multiples versions. Never been able to make it work


2- Since the last update, when charging, the led never goes green and shows it finished the charging. It stays forever in amber. It worked fine in the past, stops working with the last update.


3- Since last update too, now the icue doesnt show how is the status of the battery when is on.


The headset works fine and dont have problems of audio.


Hope somebody will put some light on the issues.

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