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Corsair Commander Pro and Lian Li BR120 Compatibility


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Hey Guys, I hope you are doing well!


I have some questions about the RGB-system. I tried it on Reddit before, but I dont want to open up a ticket, if it is unsure if I really buy it.


Question 1: I would like to purchase the commander pro and I wonder if the Lian Li BR120 Digital RGB are compatible with the commander pro (and lightning node?) - it uses 4PIN PWM and 3-Pin 5VDG) -

-> https://www.caseking.de/en/lian-li-br120-digital-rgb-pwm-luefter-3-pack-controller-grey-120mm-luli-011.html


Question 2: That brings me to the next question: if I want to control PWM and RGB, I need both (commander and lightning node) - did I get this right?


To make it easier - here is the reddit-thread I also opended up:


I just want to make things easier and the corsair iCUE seems the way to do this, but I am afraid, that I only can use the corsair system with corsair hardware - thats a thing that I would like to know before purchasing!


Have a nice day :) and thank you!


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