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ICUE Stuttering System


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I just built a new system


i9 9900k


MSI Z390 MEG Godlike


Nvidia 2080 Super


32Gb Corsair memory (reused from old machine)


Alphacool 280 Extreme


Samsung 970 pro 500Gb (OS)


Samsung 860 2Tb (storage)


Thermaltake V71




I added 6 Corsair LL120 RGB Lights to this system, installed ICUE and have had nothing but issues. When you open the application and click on it, it causes my entire system to come to a slow stutter. My mouse will stutter, windows will stutter. When you off click from the app and click the desktop everything returns to normal. I opened MSI Afterburner and see picture. The graphics card ramps up.




I do have my i9 9900k oc'd to 5ghz @1.29v @35c idle and aida64 Cinebench approved. System is stable.




I did not have ICUE Software issues on my old system.


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