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h115i rgb platinum (Popped on first boot)


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So as I wait for answers on my other thread, I'm starting a new separate one! (different subject)


I brought a second one H115i to see if maybe the first one was just faulty, and it's done the same as the first one, The pump on first boot, turned on and did a "POP" "CRACKLE" as if it short-circuited, it works the same as the other one (In certain aspects)


The lights are static on the pump, the fans won't work, and the PC won't detect the bloody thing, yet it keeps my CPU cool like it's in some sort of back up mode!

Is the first turn on for the pump supposed to make some sort of pop, I'm guessing yes, as it's the first time it's ever been booted on, but it's as if it just froze...



This second pump, 2 different PC's tried now, neither the f

first or second PC I have to allow these pumps to work! 2 Pumps neither worked properly


My PC's are fine, I can plug stuff into my computer, and all things work, I have an H110 IN 2 Pc's and both of them bloody work! but these H115is dont!

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