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Lighting Node Pro w/ LED strips confusion...

A Computer Guy

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I got a Lighting Node Pro with LED strips to put into my build however I think something is wrong and it may not have been packaged correctly as I didn't get quite what I expected after reading Zotty's FAQ


I was expecting this...



but instead I got this...(which does not match the included manual package list)


- 1 lighting node pro

- 1 usb connector for lighting node pro

- 2 cables, only 2 wire but 3 pin male connectors both ends?

- 2 cables, 3 wire, 3 pin one side male, one side female connectors

- 2 led strips w/ 4 magnets, 10 leds each, with 3 pin one side male, 3 pin other side female connectors

- 1 led strip, 7 leds, with 4 pin female socket connector and no connector on other end

- 1 led strip, 8 leds, with 4 pin female socket connector and no connector on other end


I suspect the "Lighting Node Pro" package I purchased may have been packaged incorrectly with "CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting Kit" instead?


Now that I am looking at the box and the Corsair website box picture I see my box does not say "Lighting Node Pro RGB" + "Corsair Link" but only "Lighting Node Pro" with "RGB Lighting" in the upper right hand corner.


I'm considering attempting to return this kit.

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I'm not sure what they gave you but those other two strips are not Corsair strips. At all. I would return it.


Was it sealed? Were the strips in any kind of packaging inside the box (they should be in plastic sleeves).


The box did appear to be sealed with two transparent circle tapes at the bottom when I purchased it. The strips were not individually wrapped in plastic sleeves but all were bundled into a single plastic package together.

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Looks to me like someone bought the wrong LED strips (or needed a couple Corsair LED strips), went and bought a Lighting Node Pro, swapped two of the corsair light strips for the wrong ones they got (or had lying around) and then returned the Lighting Node Pro to the store. Stores always open the box to see if everything is in the box that is supposed to be when returning it but they don't usually know what should be in the box in the first place. They then just put it back out on the shelves to be resold. You were the unlucky one to then buy that one from the store. This is a very common trick thieves and unscrupulous people do to rip off stores. Edited by JonKrmr
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