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Question about the dimensions(esp. the footprint) of the Carbide 275Q


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I have a pretty makeshift home theater setup that resides in an old wooden entertainment cabinet I got secondhand. It's got shelves on the left for my Tivo, receiver etc. and next to it is a large opening where an old CRT television would've gone, but I put my flat-panel on top. In the "TV hole" I've got the center speaker on a crate so it's right under the TV, and next to it is a PC residing in an Obsidian 450D case. The depth of the cabinet only gives me ~15in/38cm of surface are from front to back. Thankfully with those dimensions, the 450D can sit right on it with the feet overhanging in front and back. Not ideal, I know. But the case has been there for a few years and is holding up just fine. There's even enough clearance above the case for my cat to hop in and sit on top, enjoying the warm air coming from the up-firing H100i :)


I'm hoping to replace that PC in the near future, and given how much I *love* how quiet the to 600Q's in my bedroom are, I was looking at using a 275Q for the new build. Looking at the physical dimensions, it's not as deep as the 450D and the feet aren't at the edges, they're set in a bit. Just guessing from the pictures, it looks like there's a decent chance a surface 15in/38cm deep could fit all four feet. Is there anyone who knows the distance from the front edge of the front feet to the back edge of the back feet?

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