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iCue causing random crashes in UE4 games


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Hey folks,


Title says it all. Started getting random crashes in UE4 games recently ("Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost").


Took awhile to lightswitch it, but it looks like the cause is having iCue software running in the background. Crashes disappear once I shut it down.


Based on the error, my guess is that either the hardware monitoring or the application itself is somehow I/O-locking the GPU longer than UE4 thinks is acceptable, and the games are crashing out because the engine decides that the GPU has disappeared.


Has anyone seen anything like this lately? It's a bit annoying to have to remember to shut iCue down every time I go to play one of these games (especially annoying when I forget and then crash right in the middle of something).


Random characterization features of note:


-GeForce Drivers: 431.60 (DCH)

-iCue version: 3.18.77

-OS: Win10 Pro

-Issue only seems to affect UE4 games in DX11 mode. Dropping back to DX10 where supported universally fixes the problem even if I leave iCue running.

-Un/Reinstalling iCue doesn't fix it.

-Un/Reinstalling games doesn't fix it.

-Ark seems to be affected more often than anything else I've tested (somehow this is less than surprising).

-Attached a random WER for one of the crashes (they aren't generating dumps, sadly).

Ark Crash WER.zip

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