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Nightsword weight detection not working properly


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Hello All,


I am a long time frequenter of these forums, but have never posted.


I have recently acquired the Corsair "Nightsword" wired mouse. The device works well and I'm growing to like the shape.


There is one issue I'm having. The device is supposed to detect the weights that are installed, and calculate the weight/balance. Unfortunately, the mouse doesn't seem to properly detect the weights when they are installed. I also note that the iCue software doesn't calculate the weight or update the center of mass diagram.


At the end of the day, this in no way impacts my use of the mouse. I am completely fine with manually inputting the weights, or just ignoring it altogether. That said, it is a feature I wouldn't mind having just because it IS a feature of this mouse.


Has anyone else had this problem?


Attached image shows the weights that register on the software. Note that all 6 weights are installed, but only 4 show up on the application.


Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


Edit: I just have realized that the X, Y, and Z values do change as I manually input weight values. So, I suppose that this portion of the app is working!


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