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2700X Overheating with H115i


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Hello I am having trouble trying to figure out what my problem is, I believe my new 2700X is overheating. I managed to put in my new mobo and CPU into the case and was able to post and login to my PC. After a few seconds or minutes my PC shuts down.


I have a Corsair H115i (not pro), it was cooling my previous CPU which was a 7600k.


I checked the CORSAIR LINK program and it says that my CPU has one core at over 85 degrees Celsius. It also shows that something is over 140 degrees Celsius (IDK what). Every other core is about 35 degrees Celsius.


I believe this is the root of my problem. I also know the bios is currently on F31, and I can upgrade but the PC keeps shutting down and I'm not sure what to do.


The mobo is an AORUS X470 ULTRA GAMING.


I was also thinking of doing a clean install but after a short period of time it shuts down in either desktop or in bios.


Here is an image of the screenshot I tried to save before it shut down.




Full Specs


750W Corsair PSU

H115i Corsair Liquid Cooler

32GB Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 3000 MHZ (i've tried removing all but 1 ram stick to see if they were a problem but it still was an issue)

MSI RTX 2070


I also tried to readjust the CPU mount and readded a new paste. To me it appears fine.


I took another picture of what HWinfo showed here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rzYBkHsEK6sRqN5F8

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What are your temps while in the BIOS?

Also, your images didn't come through. And running HWInfo with iCUE can lead to false readings. It can also simply be a crazy reading or nonexistent sensor that shows up anyway. This is, unfortunately, quite common (though usually Asus).

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