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M65 pro elite -> mm800 rgb -> k70


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I am facing the following scenario as the title says I chain connect the Corsair M65 PRO ELITE Mice to a Corsair MM800 RGB Pad and this to a Corsair K70 RGB keyboard and I game, the mice randomly stops working freezing until I unplug and re-plug it in, if and while I am running ICue in the background, though closing it makes the problem go away.


I tried different versions of the software and the problems percists.


I tried connecting the mice to it's own USB port, and the problem comes back, mice freeze.


Also from time to time, and also whilist gaming and with Corsair Icue on the background the whole Corsair Ecosystem (Lights / Cooler Fans / Void PRO and Stand ) shuts down a bit with mice and keyboard frozen for a couple of seconds and then comes back.


Any ideas anyone?

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