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VS512MB400 issues


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Hope this is the right place to post...


I've got an INTEL mainboard, 865GBF, fully updated bios, fully updated drivers, fully updated WinXP,sp2. Running 1gm memory (two of those VS512MB400 modules) in dual page mode with a P4 3.2gHz processor. Using the boards build in video and audio and lan. No other cards on the motherboard.


Everything ran well until about 3 weeks ago. Started getting spontanious crashes. No warning, just <poof>. Usually it would reboot. Sometimes I had disk errors and had to correct those before reboot. I checked three different virus scanners. Nothing. I did a Western Digital diagonostic on my drive. It was fine.


Then after about a week of this touch and go, the machine refused to boot at all. It would get to the "Intel" logo, and just quit and reboot, back to Intel logo, over and over.


Fan and such are fine. I've got OEM fan from Intel, three case fans, 400watt power supply with dual fans.


I pulled ONE memory stick, and it booted and ran fine. I ran the machine two days, no crashes at all. I put the stick back in, and it ran fine one day then... crashes. Reboot was iffy. It would try to boot, get to logon screen and just <poof> spontanious reboot. Pulled suspect stick back out. Booted fine. Swapped sticks, now its the suspect stick in the machine. Boot crash at log on screen. Tried again. Boot crash at XP moving blue thingy as its loading. Tried again. Got to logon, and I logged on, but crashed as desktop loaded. By crash, I mean it goes back to Intel logo screen as it does at cold boot time. Swapped back "good" chip, Booted fine... and I'm running on the machine to enter this message.


To me... this sounds like that suspect stick is failing.


Am I on the right track here, or missing something?

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