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PyPheperial : Python Script for Peripherals


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Hello, I have been making a program that syncs all the devices I have.


My Peripherals:


Mouse 1 : Razer DeathAdder Elite

Mouse 2 : Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

Keyboard : Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Mouse Pad : Corsair MM800 RGB

Head Phones : Corsair Void RGB Pro


As you can see here, my Razer mouse uses Chroma and Razer Synapse as it's LED controlling software. However, all my Corsair devices uses Corsair ICUE as it's LED controlling software. So, I decided to make a program that syncs all the Peripherals.


Personally I am a freshmen studying Computer Science and Engineering in South Korea. I thought that it would be fun project for me to make a program to solve this problem. I have started this project about 2 weeks from now, and it is quite finished for me now, It does work for me now. And I would like to share you guys the working images of the project.


If any of you would like to modify this program, feel free to do so.

Also, huge thanks for all the wrapper projects in python.




Gif that shows all the devices are being synced into one colour




Gif that shows Two mouses using different SDKs are being synced into one colour. Sorry for that low quality gif. I had to downgrade the quality for me to upload it to github for image hosting.


If you are interested , please check https://github.com/gooday2die/PyPheperial for more info.


Thanks for reading this.

I am quite new at this forum right now, so if there is anything wrong with my post, please let me know. Contact me at edina00@naver.com for further action.

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