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K95 RGB not working since using Icue software


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My G1-G18 button don't work since Icue installed.

Light works.

Even if I create a new profile for my keyboard, I record a simple macro and affect to G6 for example.

And the G6 key don't do anything although the macro recorded something.


Please help me.

I can't even find old version of software before icue 3.18


okay, I just found the old vbersion of CUE 2.4.66 but since I updated my firmware with icue, i think it doesnt recognize k95 rgb anymore.

I need old firmware maybe...



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I had some serious driver problems recently that I had not encountered before on many versions and systems.


Can you try pulling all other usb items, performing a clean install this way: uninstall icue, reboot, log in and wait a bit, then open device manager, uninstall the HID device drivers for your k95, therell be a few probably 2 - 4?, then close device manager but dont reboot and re install the latest icue, then reboot ( and make sure when you re install icue all other USB devices are detached ).


That worked for me, but in my case events were firing in icue, just not as they should have.

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thanks for your advice.

Indeed, I reinstalled icue then reboot and then everything worked.



Hi robotpapier,


Can i confirm that your using the older version of the k95 with 18 programmable keys and that you are able to control the lighting and keys with the latest version of the icue software? (Not the old utility engine). I am looking for used ones like yours.


I am really sad that the amount of programmable keys got downgraded to the same price as compared to the k95 platinum.


With the new introduction of the K95 platinum XT i was EVEN more disappointed as it seemed to me like they were runnning out of ideas.


The "platinum" should mean above all, and that all should stands for "I have more stuff than the rest of the other keyboards"

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