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H115i Platinum and NOT using iCue (how to connect?)


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Hi guys,


So i've come to the conclusion that I really don't want to use iCue as it seems to cause the majority of my issues.


I'm gutted that this means unicorn sick RGB but willing to sacrifice this to not have to use the software until it's lighter/better.



However, I now have the issue of correctly installing my AIO...


I currently have the cable from the pump connected to the AIO header on my motherboard and a random case fan attached to the CPU header.


However, will my AIO fans still speed up and slow down as the CPU gets hotter as I guess they are "technically" connected to the AIO header too?


I'm not sure how else to install the AIO fans because they come off the same cable as the pump cable right?


Any suggestions that will help me get as much control as I can with my current settings will be much appreciated. There doesn't seem to be anything on the net about how the fans respond to the AIO fan header

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