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abit kd7 mother board


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Reset the bios. Try one Corsair dimm, see if it boots then, if it boots check the necessary timings etc for the ram and especially the DDR voltage set it to 2.7 if bios allows then set timings 3-3-3-8 is a safe value,then run memtest to see if the ram dimm is defective. Then replace that dimm with the 2nd one. Test that one too with memtest, if no errors are found put in the 2nd dimm in the appropriate dimm slot to get the full gig in. Also please update your bios to the latest one link here :



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For the reset there's a jumper (ccmos discharge)near the battery placed on the mobo. I strongly suggest to check the manual. Set the jumper to reset position , make sure the PSU ain't plugged with the power cord, place one Corsair dimm,jumper to normal position, plug it all back in try to boot. If it doesn't boot flash the bios ( do it carefully it could ruin your board !!)


For the voltage setting you must change at the CPU power supply to User defined instead of default. then change the DDR voltage to eg 2.7 if possible.

CPU fast comand decode mode to normal

Then go into Advanced chipset features :

Dram clock drive control :

check the current fsb and dram speed both should be 133Mhz for stability.

then Dram timings selectable : Manual

Cas latency : 2.5-3

Bank interleave :disabled

Trp : 3

Tras : 6

TRCD : 3

Dqs drive strength : High

Dram command rate : 2T


I really hope this works

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