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H100i RGB Platinum SE - USB disconnects and led is stuck


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This is my current situation:

I have a H100i RGB Platinum SE that isn't being detected by iCue and I keep hearing these windows usb disconnect sounds.


I've read about the pump not getting the full 12V it needs but I am not sure how to fix this. I have a 'asus rog strix x470-f gaming' motherboard.


My other hardware works fine with iCue (K95 rgb platinum keyboard, Vengeance RGB pro ram, Commander pro).


These are the things I have tried so far:

- Changing the usb header from commander pro to the actual motherboard itself

- Connecting the sata power to another sata cable


This is my setup:

Motherboard: asus rog strix x470-f gaming

PSU: Corsair RM750x white

RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16gb

GPU: Asus strix GTX 1080

Fans: 6x LL120 fans connected to Commander Pro and Lightning node pro

Lightning: 4 corsair led strips connected to Commander pro


If anyone could give me some advice on how to fix it I would really appreciate it!

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