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New corsair i160 BSOD unless disable 5 of the cores from BIOS


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After an update I got infinite loop of BSOD, couldn't recover, couldn't boot even linux from USB flash. However, I could load memtest86 and checked it and got error on test 7 to 9. I thought it was a RAM problem so I replaced it with some other and got the same error. However, I notice the errors were happening only in core 6. I decided to disable all but 1 core in the BIOS and it worked! however, I can't get pass 3 cores. I guess the i9-9900 coffee lake it has is faulty? What do you recommend me to do? I can't seem to get the other cores to work.

Please help, I am lost and it is an expensive PC to feel like this. Support didn't answer for a day.

Ticket number 2000796111

Thank you

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