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no k70 power when windows loads (cold boot only)


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When doing a cold boot only(on a reset everything functions normally)

system starts, keyboard lights and fnctions, I can enter bios, bootload options, etc. normally. However, once windows starts loading the keyboard goes dark (this has always happened briefly, if I remember correctly) however recently the keyboard has not re-initialized as normal, leaving me at the Win10 login screen with a dead keyboard. No key presses function. Unplugging and replugging USB immediately fixes the problem. Triple checked to make sure I have the keyboard usb and not the passthrough plugged in, and into a 3.0. I have tried plugging into a number of other usb ports, including banks with a different usb controller (my sabertoothx99 has 3 different controllers onboard) I've had this keyboard for...at least 2 years? and this is a new problem (possibly since the last windows update, a month or so ago maybe)

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