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Hi, I made a purchase on the Corsair website. The payment appears correct and in My orders I see the products as Booked. Since I made the payment I have not received any message about the status of my order and I am worried. I need the material to mount a PC and I already have everything but these pieces. When I made the purchase the products appeared in stock. I have tried to contact the technical service but it seems that they are renewing the communications system and they said that in August the communications were restored. We are already in August and I still do not receive any type of communication nor can I know if my order is correct or when it will arrive. I have consulted your recommended sellers and could have already had the product at home, but I preferred to trust Corsair. I do not know what to think, the truth is the first time it happens to me online shopping, that the seller does not respond or update the status.

Can you help me understand what happens and what can I do? I imagine that I can cancel the purchase and receive the refund of my money, right?

A greeting.

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