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HS70 Icue not connected, device listed as "other"


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Just bought the headphones, wireless adapter installed drivers, drivers showed up in other devices instead of audio.


I dowload iCue software, shows no device connected. Soo computer didnt think the device is an audio device so i could not use it as the default audio device coz it was not on the list.


I update my windows, now it doesnt even show the headset in other devices.


I've done re-pairing things, running iCue as admin, checked updates for iCue.


Im hoping this all sounds familiar for my sake, so that there is a fix for it already.


Plugging the usb device in says the its faulty and windows doesnt recognize it.


Im thinking the drivers from that wireless adapter must just be crap.


Any tips would be very helfpul, thanks in advance !


*update did 5 different fixes for "Fix Headphones Not Showing Up in Playback Devices on Windows 10"


Reinstalled audio drivers


Now i see the gaming headset again under other devices, i think that was because i swapped usb ports.


went to RUN: devmgmt.msc

i see HID-Devices Corsair composite virtual input device, is this the headset ?



**Update, i solved the issue by swapping the headphones for different manufacturers, worked instantly.

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