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Program K95 Platinum to "Standby"?


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Hi, I purchased a very expensive K95 RGB Platinum, but there is no Sleep button on the keyboard.


How do I program the K95 Platinum to Sleep?


I open the Icue software.

I click on the K95 RGB Platinum icon.

I then click on the + button on the Action Bar.

Macro 1 then appears.

I then click on the red Record Button.

I then click on the PC's Start Button where a curtain pops up.

I click on the Power Button, where a sub-curtain opens with the options of: Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown and Restart.


However, once I click on Sleep, the PC actually goes to sleep!


If it did work, I know that I have to click on the red Record Button again to stop recording.


How can I program the G6 button on the bottom left to get the PC into Sleep?


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