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K95 Keyboard back-lighting stops after CUE software takes over


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I am exhausted digging through the internet in seeking an answer. So here goes. K95 keyboard, with loaded profiles (that have worked until about two weeks ago) have now stopped lighting up at all. Let me explain what I am experiencing.


Event progress:

1. Boot up PC

2. profile on on-board memory shows up, proving the lighting works

3. OS boots up

4. CUE/iCUE software (any version, I've tried them all with separate installs) either auto starts or is manually started

5. keyboard lights immediately turn off and no profile (including default set on software) returns back-lighting into operation


I've tried the "uncheck Enable SDK" solution to no effect.


What is going on here?


This is the last chance I'm giving this community to help here. I've seen posts regarding this issue as far back as 2015 in my research with no solutions that work or threads ramble off into obscurity. At this point, the color feature has been more hassle than its worth. If someone can provide a straight forward solution not wrought with verbal vomit then please enlighten me and anyone else having this issue. I can't be the only one. I'm not looking for "me too" folks repeating the same issue. Id prefer solutions over confirmations. At wits end, please assist.


EDIT: When I remove the CUE/iCUE software entirely, I am able to make use of the 3 loaded on-board profiles I've setup. I plan on this course of action until a proper answer is received.

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