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vs512mb400 reading as pc2600 on everest??

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hello. b4 I start, my expertise in computers is somewhat limited, so please bare with me.


just got computer built (brand new) 7 days ago and i downloaded everest and did a memory speed test and it read my memory as pc2600 as opposed to pc3200. it also gave me a somewhat horrible score(around 4700 m\s). games like far cry(patch 1.31) also score very low, jumping 120 fps to 24 fps!?


computer specs are as follows:

windows xp - service pack 2-all updates

direct x 9.0c

atlon64 3800 (never gets hotter than 64 degrees)

asus a8n-sli mb (not deluxe)

2o48 meg value select ram 4 x 512 184 dimm

wd raptor 36 gig hard drive

bfg 6800 ultra oc 256meg (71.84 drivers installed) (card never exceeds 63 degrees)

antec true power 550 watt ps

thermaltake tsunami tower

zone alarm suite

ad-aware professional


when games are played, there is excessive pausing(like a second or 2) as if the computer is loading ( i can hear the hd load). most notable on far cry when playing at 1024 x 768 with all settings maxed-which shouldn't be a problem with my specs??

why is my computer running like crap with games and everest not properly recognizing my ram???....i suspect bad modules or incompatibilty(perhaps bad memory controller)?. please help.

many thanks!

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