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LL-Fan Problems since Update 3.18.77


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Hi, since the Update my fans rgb are not working.

First two fans, yesterday 3 and today antoher 2.

If i switch the port on the lightning node, the rgb fan is working. Any ideas?

Everything worked fine till update...




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After a month in support no solution.

Obviously, since update tens of problems.

Be honest Corsair: Your "support" is a joke

Ticketnumber: #2000792901

Personal dealing with at Corsair: CHRISTIAN BECKER

And then the occupational therapy:

Please test the fans without RGB lighting on your motherboard. Do they shine then?


I have paid a lot of money!


For information to the rest of the forum users:

I swapped the commander for a new one.

I swapped the fan hub for a new one.

Same result, same problem.

It's probably a software problem!

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I have the same issue the fans spin but all the colours are incorrect definately a software issue but corsair don't seem to want to fix the issue, had this problem for over 8 months recently bought new LL120 fans and commander pro still same issues so surely it has to be the dodgy firmware. You can try all the simple troubleshooting stuff they tell you to do but good luck on that working.
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