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Z390 aorus master and Trident Z royal 2x8gb @4266


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Hello guys and sorry if I seem repetitive.


I am trying to get the trident z royal at 4266 (F4-4266C19D-16GTRS) on this motherboard.


I just got this pc off the ground after just leaving behind the laptop scene (where i was for the last 8 years) , and dont have much know-how on setting it up.


This MB , even tho it seems pretty good, is hard to set up so i avoided doing anything with it.


The CPU, a 9900k, is at 4.7ghx stock with a h115i pro.

With Intel's extreme tuning utility i got it to be stable at 5.1 with no mods.

(Kombustor/unigine/3dmark proved oc was stable)


The current speed the RAM goes to is, default at 2133Mhz.

XMP-ing it blindly i got it to 3200Mhz (activated XMP profile, chose ram speed).

Over 3400, it wont post.


I didnt fiddle with voltage or anything like that, because I have no clue how to.


So..if anyone was able to set it at (or close enough) of 4266 rated, please let me know what you did or how.


I have no experience with gigabyte or their motherboards at all, and was never into the overclocking scene, but it bugs me that I looked specifically for a MB that supports.


If this motherboard has to be changed, please let me know which MB could take my royals at 4266. (bulid is fresh, i can just return the MB)

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